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The roof is usually the largest surface area of a house and material selection will impact both performance and aesthetic longevity. The extensive range and designs of Boral roof tiles provide home owners with enhanced flexibility in roof design. With an extensive range of colours and profiles, there is literally a tile to suit all architectural styles and exterior finishes.

Generally, all Boral roof tiles are salt-safe and frost-resistant, making them particularly suitable for homes built in coastal locations. This is a standard feature across the entire Boral roof tile range. Additionally, roof tiles are fire resistant and with good design and planning, can contribute to energy savings when heating and cooling your home.

So the choice is yours! Choose from Boral’s stylish and exceptional Terracotta roof tile range or the attractive, cost-effective Concrete roof tile range.

Terracotta Tiles:
Terracotta tiles are made from prepared natural clays and are exceptionally strong, have a high level of colour retention and require negligible maintenance.

Cement Tiles:
Modern cement tiles are made from sand and cement with a pigmented colour coat. This can replicate the appearance of a broad array of distinctive tile designs while remaining relatively cost-effective.

Add beauty and character to your roofline with tiles. Choosing a quality roof for your home is a valuable, long-term investment.

Step 1: Your Home Location
All Boral roof tiles are salt-safe and frost resistant making them suitable for any location, particularly coastal areas. Boral roof tiles are built to last with a 50-year warranty against defects.

Step 2: Shape
The profile refers to a roof tile’s shape and design. Profiles range from flat tiles to prominent undulation or waves on the surface of the tile. Key considerations when choosing a tile profile will be the pitch of your roof as well as its style.

Step 3: Colour
When it comes to choosing a colour, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options available.

Step 4: Roofing Essentials
Roof Sarking:By talking to any good roof tiler and they will tell you sarking (reflective foil insulation) is essential for enhancing the energy efficiency and performance of your roof. Roof sarking is a thermal barrier, water-resistant, dust resistant and fire retardant membrane; its use is recommended under all roofing materials.

Installation:By choosing a qualified roofing installer and ensure your roof is installed properly and to manufacturers specifications

Colour Retention:
Boral terracotta tiles are crafted from prepared natural clays that are kiln-fired to temperatures of 1100°C for exceptional character, strength, high colour retention and negligible maintenance requirements. Terracotta roofing substantially retains its appearance with age, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your home over time.

Long Lasting – 50-Year Warranty:With a 50-year warranty against defects, Boral terracotta tiles are manufactured to last and will make a beautiful and hardwearing roof for your home. Terracotta roofing has brought beauty and character to the roofscapes of Europe and Asia and has stood the test of time over centauries in these continents.

Salt-Safe & Frost Resistant:All Boral terracotta tiles are salt-safe making them suitable for any location including coastal areas and site with close proximity to breaking surf.
The 50 year warranty on Boral Terracotta tiles is provided to all terracotta tiles regardless of the location of the property.

Thermal Performance:The thermal performance of a roof refers to how it affects the temperature within a house and relates to the energy used within the house to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level.
Further improvements in thermal performance can be gained by using sarking, increased insulation, a lighter roof colour and changes in overall design considerations.The addition of sarking under tiles considerably reduces the need for cooling in the home and is recommended in all roofing applications.

Sound Performance:Enjoy more peace and quiet with Boral Terracotta roof tiles as their density helps reduce sound inside the home such as traffic, aircrafts and trains.

Low Maintenance:Once Terracotta roof tiles are properly installed they have negligible maintenance requirements for the life of the roof. Should a section of the roof ever be damaged or require modification (e.g. installing a skylight), only the affected tiles usually require replacement or removal.

Fire Resistant:Boral Terracotta roof tiles are non-combustible and can be safely used in bushfire-prone areas. In areas assessed as BAL-12 to BAL-40, sarking with a flammability index of not more than 5 must be installed under the tiles and cover the whole roof. In BAL-FZ areas, specific construction requirements can be obtained at

Rainwater & Tank Safety:Boral Terracotta roof tiles are non-toxic and provided your roof is clean and healthy, can be suitable for the collection of rainwater for re-use. Any excess water can be channelled into grey water tanks. This is good news for those thinking about water conservation and great news for your garden. Boral Terracotta roof tiles are manufactured to AS 2049 ensuring surface treatment is free of any elements or chemicals in concentrations known to be hazardous to health